Technical Platform

APROMAS is developed by a Danish team of experienced developers and project managers.
With a system built on leading and modern technology, APROMAS offers a strong foundation for future development.


APROMAS is a scalable Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform developed for international distribution:

  • APROMAS supports a long range of languages with the help of a translation database
  • APROMAS is a platform with existing integration to ERP systems, Insurance company systems and more.
  • The hosting setup, is cloud based and supports Microsoft Azure

Modern web platform

User-friendliness is a core value. Great effort is put into prototypes, design and user analysis before any code is written.

The role-based user rights system ensures that all users have access to the information that is relevant for them to solve their tasks.

The system is developed with modern technology and frameworks, for instance C#, .NET og React.js.

Data security / hosting

APROMAS complies with the data protection laws of the European Union, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Hosting-subcontractors are subject to independent IT audits that meet the standard of ISAE 3402-certification and follow the ISO 27001-standard for secure handling of data.

APROMAS is protected by Sophos Firewall and utilizes tools like IPS and DDoS-protection, antivirus, malware-detection, vulnerability scanner and traffic analysis.

Files and databases are backed up on daily basis.


APROMAS accommodates the requirements of car owners, insurance companies and leasing companies. It also facilitates the collaboration between body shops and paint shops, enabling advanced and multilayered managing of orders.

APROMAS integration partners:

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We would never buy something without inspecting or testing it first? If you feel the same way. contact us for a free demonstration on how APROMAS works.
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see what our customers say

Jannie Backhausen, Backhausen A/S

“With APROMAS paint and bodywork, we have a unique and indispensable process management tool that enables us to run a better business”

Haik Chamsarian, Frimann Biler A/S

“APROMAS is an indispensable tool that gives us a complete overview of all the tasks in the workshop”

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We would never buy something without inspecting or testing it first. If you feel the same way. contact us for a free demonstration of APROMAS.
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