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APROMAS is a system developed with special focus on managing the processes in a body shop. APROMAS is the floor managers most important tool to maintain overview of production and how to scale up with a minimum of administration.

APROMAS manages every step in the process, from the first contact with the vehicle owner to repair and invoicing to the insurance companies.

In other words, APROMAS enables employees to handle all tasks with the ease and effectiveness that are expected of them to administrate an efficient and thriving body shop.

Features in APROMAS - Body shop module

Capacity overview

When do we have capacity to handle the next order?

APROMAS’ capacity overview gives you a real time overview of current and scheduled orders

The overview shows which employees are assigned to current orders.
It is also possible to see if the order is going according to schedule. APROMAS ensure a fully updated overview.

Production overview

Production overview gives you the necessary overview to tell if production is on track, and if there are incidents that need to be addressed to ensure deadlines are kept.

From the order list an overview for invoicing can be achieved. It is also possible to send invoices directly from the list.

Never before has it been so easy to have an overview

Order booking

Easy and timesaving - for body shop and car owner

APROMAS Booking is a module for your existing web site. It enables car owners to request car inspection or body/ paint work. With the data entered into the system, the manager gets access valuable damage informations and can allocate resources.

Fleet management

Fleet management with digital rental contracts

With APROMAS you have a complete overview of your car rental fleet. The overview makes it easy to see when a rental car is available and in turn determine when the next order can be scheduled. When the car owner requests a rental car, APROMAS automatically generates a digital rental contract.

Employee assignment

Cut down on wasted time with scheduling of work hours

With the help of APROMAS’ employee scheduling module, it is possible to schedule and assign orders to the employees. Furthermore, it allows you to monitor the number of orders assigned to each employee.

Handling and additional sales

Increase customer satisfaction and turnover with additional sales and handling of additional damages

With a few clicks, additional inquiries can be registered, and the car owner can receive a quote for repairs or other services in connection with a visit to the body shop.

Access control

Ascertain the best possible overview before production start

Upon receipt of the car, the shop-specific access control is carried out. This ensures that all relations regarding the order are checked prior to work start.

Quality and control

Quality assurance and process control

Achieve a higher quality in damage repairs by executing continuous checks during the process. Photo documentation can be attached to the order, and employees can be prompted with mandatory checks. This ensures that work is properly documented

In the same way, deviations in production can be documented, thus ensuring the learning process is kept easy and regular.

Timecards and hour reports

Keep track of employee work hours

APROMAS timecard collects the information of employee work hours and creates the basis for pay checks

Spare part handling

Keep track of orders and deliveries

Transition from yellow Post-it’s and vital information located with a single employee to a clear overview that provides carefree handling of spare parts.

The APROMAS spare part module offers registration of received orders along with many other useful functions that support an effective handling of spare parts.

Order Referral

Collaboration with other body shops increases the capacity

APROMAS makes it possible to outsource orders to avoid delays and long queues.
It is fast and easy to refer orders to collaborating body shops.

Price lists

Achieve balanced earnings across all orders!

APROMAS offers a structured price list which makes it easy to work with fixed prices.
This ensures balanced earnings on orders that are not insurance-related e.g., repairs under warranty.

It is possible to establish general and customer specific price lists. This frees you from calculating individual prices.


Key to effective collaboration is communication

APROMAS includes a long list of intuitive functions that ensure clear communication internally in the body shop, as well as externally with collaborators.

Furthermore, the APROMAS task management module supports the routines and tasks the body shop adheres to.

Digital work cards

Gather a complete overview of work cards

The work card is integrated with the valuation system. This enables the valuations to be loaded and displayed directly on the work card.

The digital work card enables the employee to state drop off and pickup time along with production deadline, paint color information and customer information.

The task management module

The module supports routines and tasks at your body shop

APROMAS contains a task management module that support the daily routines and tasks of the body shop.

The body shop can create and assign tasks to employees. The employees can stamp and document the completion of tasks.


Integration with existing systems

APROMAS is built to support custom integrations to insurance company systems to automatically create and update work cards in APROMAS to reduce manual tasks and ease the order workflow.


Be in control of your body shop with APROMAS Data Collection

Use APROMAS Data Collection to achieve company goals and gain measurable savings.

APROMAS can be used for process optimization with a firm basis in actual data. With the help of key performance indexes (KPIs), you will achieve a full overview of your company’s effectiveness.


Fact-based optimization with KPIs and key figures

As an integrated part of APROMAS, you will receive monthly reports on employee performance, orders, rental fleet and much more. You can also create custom reports that suit your needs.

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We would never buy something without inspecting or testing it first. If you feel the same way. contact us for a free demonstration of APROMAS.
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